lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013


“I don’t want to tell Edward, but Lyon its the most beautiful city I have ever been”

I was so lucky to vicit the beautiful city of Lyon, where Edward, one of my best friends live and studied. I have to be honest, at the time I was there, I shared with Ivana the thought that Lyon was the most beautiful city that we have even been in (not that I have known lots of cities) but Lyon is truly a romantic, artistic, sunny, colorfull, FRENCH city!. But as my journey went on I decided that Lyon wasn’t my favorite place that I viscited during my trip in Europe, must of all because I didn’t hade the chance to live as many things as i did in other places. I was in Lyon just for 3 days!. But now that I look back, now that I go throught the photos, I discover myself missing it so much!. Lyon conquered my heart without even noticing it.

I close my eyes and teletransport to Lyon again, to the days I was walking throw the streets, trying to absorb all the beauty that was surrounding me. 
The streets are full of romantic and cozy colors. The old city (where my friend lives, and my favorite part of the city) is full of beautiful old buildings painted in orange, yellow, white, red tones, matching with the brown roofs and cyan river. 

Walking throw the streets, one of the things that caught my attention the most was the people. I wonder, how it would be living in such a beautiful city. I wonder who are they and how are their lives. When I was walking, I just couldn't look in front of me, but had to always look up to see the beautiful buildings with their big windows. You could see suddenly someone seating by their window smoking a cigaret, watching the people walking pass. Someone watering their plants, waiting for someone, an old lady walking home, a man taking a break while smoking, an important man calling on his cell phone, a lady riding her bike to somewhere. You had to be really observative to catch those little moments that made the city more beautiful. 

In Lyon I had mixed feelings, I had a long walk with Ivana having deep conversations and catching up about our lives. It was sunny, and it rained. Edward took us to meet the city, to meet his favorite places. We ended seating in a beautiful park eating baguette and french cheese. It is actually funny how the stereotype of french people caring a baguette in the street becomes real, or maybe it was just a thing of luck that I saw that. 
I imagined myself a lot of times living there. Having a life there, having friends, going out, going to places and becoming one of the persons I was observing. As a french language lover, I could imagine Clara talking french. It was so nice to be there, and imagine my life there, but I was just for 3 days in Lyon and I could not say it would be actually for me, but for the memories that I have from there, I know its the most beautiful city that I have ever been. 

I hope the photos can explain better than my words. 

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