miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

87 photo from Berlin

 This photo has a long story behind. After traveling for 14 hours, I got lost in berlin. It was supposed that I would meet my friends in one place, but ended up looking for them for one hour, asking four different people for a cellphone and a place where I could have internet, taking the subway and walking in a city I didn't knew, without speaking the language, walking into an internet place where the people where so lovely, communicating with signs, noises and some words. Walking for 4 hours with my 23k bag, and my 7k bag pack. After a while I gave up finding my friends and I manage to find internet and  asked my friend the hotel address we would stay for the first night and pay for the taxi even thought I tried to not spend money in stupid things, at this point, a taxi didn't seemed stupid. Later, I arrived to my hotel, leave my things and started to cry, leaving all the stress out, I took my camera and went to the bathroom to take a picture of my tired, stressed and at the same time relief face. 
Later that night, Ivana arrived and we hugged again since two years without seeing each other. Because of all the adrenaline on my body I had a lot of energy to walk and I ate my first kebab (oh god, Berlin's kebabs, my favorite food now) We talked about my trip, how I got lost, we being there together, and the reunion with our friends. 

Now even thought I have more than 1,500 photos from that week in Berlin I think they where not enough. I was more concentrated of being with my friends and having fun than taking pictures, but here are a LOT of pictures I can show to you. 
I will make a different post just writing about Berlin, about my thoughts and adventures.


Tired faces after walking all day in the city. 

 From museums we visited

A really special night.

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