lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

Where we belong

Hello there. To the new people reading, welcome to my blog, I'm Clara Arámburo a young photographer hungry to live my life and get to know this amazing world. I live in Mexico, but I don't exactly have a place where I can call my home yet. I'm still a nomad looking for a place to belong and feel happy.
 For those who where following before, I've decided now to write on english, so more people can read this blog and for me to get in touch with hearts from all over the world, for you to look at my pictures and maybe hope to share the ideas that I have, the feelings that are moving my body, give inspiration to other artist and hopefully help in someway to someone by reading my words. 
Let me just tell you that I definitely don't have the best grammar, I live in Mexico, where we speak spanish. My hole life I have went to english lessons and practice it for a year in Brazil, talking to international people... Maybe I'll write one day about my adventures in Brazil where I found my heart. Besides that, my hole english education is based on watching youtube videos, reading blogs and reading books on english. If I have some grammar mistakes, sorry but I really don't care. I'm here to open my heart, be myself and of course I will try my best to not make any mistake (auto corrector really helps). Since my best friends are from different parts from the world, I have found that I can express my heart better on english... or maybe not better but I prefer it. Even if I'm not a perfect english speaker or writer I do my best.

So this is me, I'm Clara. For all those new readers, welcome to my blog, Where we belong :) 

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