sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

Open your mind

Almost all my life I have seen my city as a cage for me. I imagined me as a wild and colorful bird wanting to fly away and to discover different skies. But I was a prissioner of this cage of mine full of  black birds, who didn't shared my colors. Me, always being sad, always being angry about these other people in my city, everyone thinking the same stupid ideas, dressing the same clothes, talking the same empty things, and me being different, and because of that always being alone and scared to show my true colors. I grew up being mad about living here, and because of my madness I saw everyone as the same type of person. The good thing is that because of my loneliness I was introduced to photography to express the feelings that I felt, and it helped me a lot.

16 years old Clara.

The thing that I wished the most in the world was to scape and never return. Escape to the place where I would be understood, where I could find people like me, who shared my ideas, being different and unique. Then I found a way out, by going to an exchange program, I would be free just for a year. My year in Brazil was full of adventures. Life showed me what friendship really means, and gave the most especial friends which I could conserve for the rest of my life. The kind of friends that become family. 

Saquarema, Brasil.

My return to México was a way back to the cage but with a different mind. Traveling changes your heart, it really does. The beginning was difficult, I was back in the same city full of the same people. Robots with plastic soul. 
But then, because of all the things I learned in Brazil, I thought that maybe this place wasn't full of these kind of people, it couldn't be!. I opened my mind, I opened my heart, and acted kind as one of my now sister tough me how to be in life. Be kind and life will respond to you in the same way. Be yourself, always be true to your heart and ideas, and people as you will come to you. So I did.
 Life started to be different, and of course it wasn't that simple. It took me a lot of tears, but at the end I had new eyes for this place. I started to loose my fear to meet people, I started to learn that anywhere you go, you will find millions of kinds of persons, with stories, dreams and ideas just as I had. The act of sharing and kindness became my religion, and so people started to be kind to me, life was responding me. 
Now I find more and more people to share ideas and lovely conversations. I find new friends and kind people. My dreams are becoming real, there are even amazing things happening that I didn't even dreamed of. I realized that all this time I had the key of the cage that was builded by myself. Now I understand that I had to pass that time of frustration to become the person I am today, and there is still plenty of things to learn. 

Now, I see the sky and is full of colorful birds, all different and beautiful, and I fell so curious to meet them. 
I didn't liked to call this place home, but now I do. This in the city where I learned to be true and leal to myself. This is the place where I grew up, and learned all the things to become the girl I am today.  
My heart is still hungry to meet new places, but because this is the way I am, wild and curious. 

Now I am happy to see that I can fly away from here, not escaping but just because I want to. Then I will return to this city with a smile and I will remember it with love. I opened my mind, opened my heart, and life opened it self to me.

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