viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

A walk into reality

Real life is a bitch. I said it.

Recently I have found more and more opportunities to take photos. I have tried to expand my horizon by trying different kind of photography. Also all these events where I go and the people I meet, leads me to new roads and chances. I'm still a little fish, swimming in the big ocean, adventuring by myself. I have to admit that its kind of scary, specially for me. I'm naturally a shy person when I first meet someone. I used to hate my shyness when I was younger, I forced my self to not be that way and be an outstanding person. As a result I was even more shy because I wasn't being myself, I was just acting and feeling uncomfortable. As I accepted my personality, I begun to be more and more friendly, and of course it helped me a lot to do an exchange student program, it opened my horizons and ways of thinking. But there are parts of yourself that you just can't change and have to learn to live with it. Now I actually really like my shy clara when I meet someone new, its part of who I am and its not bad. I am also kind and really interested in meeting new people even when I feel awkward, weird or not cool enough. Now that I am meeting TONS of new people, this shy clara is now fighting with the adventurous one. I want to talk more, I want to know more, I want to meet more, but I just feel nervous. Now I try to remember that its a part of me that I accept and like, and things go a lot more easier. As always, kindness is my way of living, my philosophy. Being kind will lead you to meet kind people, and it all works out.
I have felt a lot lately, that feeling of "wow, I'm living my life, MY own life" when suddenly you just feel a tiny ant in a big world, and you realize you have to work hard for what you want, and then you feel nervous but so happy because you are fighting and working hard for your dreams. Its all a game, and we have to win!.
I love those kind of stories that I will remember with love in the future, the ones when you remember how you walked home for hours just to save every cent you could used in transportation but you saved it to something else. My father told me how he use to eat cereal almost every day  in collage, so he could take my mother to a nice dinner every saturday. All those sacrifices that makes you appreciate things more and remember all with love. I really think everyone needs a time of austerity so we can appreciate more things in life. Its funny but I see all this kind of fun, we have to see life as a joke and keep moving. Lets not loose hope!. I know a lot of times its not easy, but we really have to try.
Here are some photos of the recent events and concerts I have gone, enjoyyyy.

Oliver Huntemann  

 David Guetta

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