viernes, 10 de enero de 2014

An adventurous life

Recently, with the new year coming, the dreams and resolutions growing fresh and plenty in our heads, I wanted to share here my thoughts and my own dreams for this year.
For the last month, my life which I felt it was a big mess, has turned into a routine full of excitement. Yeah, at first I was confused too. So, I got a job as a waitress in a coffee house where its really busy and full of people almost all the time. This is actually my first job as a waitress and my first days were chaotic. Let me tell you the people who work on busy restaurants deserves a lot of respect!. So many stress and talent to make things good and fast. And well, this is not something I was prepared to, but I have been improving more and more. 
I'm planing to save every sent that I gain working, to go on a trip by my own to Southeast Asia. But for now, I have to live the time that not a lot of people like to have, the waiting part. I have to save all this money so I can have a 6 months or more trip.
 I use to hate try to be patient, I always wanted things fast, but now I feel different. My brother was recently lucky enough to have a trip paid by his work to go to France and England. I told my mom how happy I felt he had an opportunity like this, since he hasn't traveled as much as he wanted. She told me "He is having his own adventures now, you had your's too". My immediate thought was  "I am still having my adventures!". Not because someone its not traveling means that you can't have adventures. Life its an adventure itself. 
I searched for the first time a job, I had for the first time a job interview, I am learning and moving my feelings everyday being a waitress, I dream things and fight for them, I appreciate little things in life, I live adventures everyday, because there are everywhere. You just have to be aware and appreciate things, enjoy them.
An adventure can be try something new for the first time, dare to talk someone you like, be angry when you deserve to be angry, smile and enjoy the sunshine when you feel down, dance to the new song you just discovered, feel tired and proud for your hard work, laugh at your terrible accent in a new language you are learning.
Of course I'm so looking forward to have the adventures I dream of when I will travel to Southeast Asia next year, but in the meanwhile I want to appreciate my life in every phase.

I have 3 resolutions for this new year:
1) To be brave
2) Work hard
3) Live life fully

For an awesome 2014.


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