martes, 30 de abril de 2013


April came with lots of emotions. Everything is turning real now, school will end, the daily routine that I had, has come to an end and life will be different for now on. And I'm so friking exited! I have always waited for this moment, I've always dreamed on doing what I want and just that, taking pictures, reading the books that I want, learn the things that I want, and TRAVEL. Of course I could do all this things while I was in school, but school consumed a lot of my time, and now I will be finally free. I will take the road that I want to take in life, my decisions will be really important or not, and I don't really have a plan, but as irresponsible as that sounds it really excites me. My plan in life is to be happy doing what I want, and what I am passionate about. Loving and sharing.
So school will end soon and then I will immediately be boarding into an airplane to travel to Europe and see again my wonderful second family. I called my second family to my closest friends, the ones I can be completely be myself, some of the people I love the most. I met them three years ago, in Brazil. We spend one of the best years, and then went apart to go back to our home countries. Now after two years of communicating by long writings on Facebook, lovely conversations on skype and chat, we are seeing again in real life!. I guess I still can't believe it, that I'm gonna see them again, I will travel to Europe, I will live crazy adventures with them again, but as closer as the date is, the more exited I get. Life has give me so much lately, and I feel so thankful. I try to give back this happiness by being kind to people and kind to life. 

As happy feelings come to me, also nostalgic comes along. Of course I'm really happy that school is gonna end, but as the other day while I was in school, time suddenly stopped just as a photography. I saw the people around me, my friends. I realized that everything I wanted in my life in Puebla, came true. I arrived in Mexico lonely and sad. School has always been a bad experience for me, so I wasn't exited when I entered again two years ago. What I wanted the most in life was feeling happy again as I used to be in Brazil. I wanted true friends close to me, a place where I could be myself, where I could laughed, where I could call home. Suddenly I realized that in that moment, seating in my classroom, I had everything I wished for. I founded the true friends that I was searching for, I founded the place where I can be myself, and those people helped me to make the decisions of what I will do next, I founded my way back to my road. I suddenly begun to cry not for sadness that school was gonna end, but for how thankful I was being in that place, with that people that now mean so much to me. 

Life can be so hard some times, but its up to me to change that and decide how to look at my problems and solve them. Life has been so kind with me, and now I know I am and will be kind to life back. I love to think as my philosophy in life:

"Be kind to people and the people will be kind to you. 
Be kind to life, so life can be kind to you. 
Be kind to your body and your body will be kind to you." 

I discovered part of this philosophy thanks to my lovely friend Ursula, which is one of my friends I am so thankful to have now. The rest, life has thought me and I'm so ready to learn more. 

April was full of little trips, lonely, peaceful times where I meditate things. I took photos of little moments, lazy sundays, cool people, life.

PS. I found my english so bad in this post, but I really hope that people can understand me. 

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